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theSTRUCTUREBALL is a premium swing aid that gives you immediate feedback for proper setup, alignment, pivot, and arm positioning. This creates a chain reaction, resulting in proper body mechanics as well. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your arms and provides visual cues to ensure you’re in the correct setup position.


  1. Develops ideal arm and wrist positions to achieve proper swing sequencing
  2. Promotes pivot and rotation for more distance and less face rotation
  3. Improves setup and alignment to increase consistency 
  4. Maximizes power by adding width and depth to your backswing
  • DEVELOPS IDEAL ARM & WRIST POSITIONS - theSTRUCTUREBALL is a surefire way to develop and retain the proper arm structure throughout the golf swing. theSTRUCTURBALL fits ergonomically between your arms as you swing, helping you achieve optimal width and connection in both the backswing and downswing.
  • PROMOTES PIVOT & ROTATION - theSTRUCTURBALL forces golfers to make a full turn (pivot) in their backswing and rotate (use their “big muscles”) through impact to optimize clubhead speed for maximum distance while limiting clubface rotation in the hitting zone for more consistent shotmaking. 
  • IMPROVES SETUP & ALIGNMENT - theSTRUCTUREBALL’s target line indicator allows golfers to confirm proper setup and alignment while addressing the ball in real-time—training the confidence to stay aggressive and attack the pin.
  • SIMPLE, INTUITIVE DESIGN - theSTRUCTUREBALL is thoughtfully designed to allow golfers to hone their fundamentals whether taking practice swings at home or hitting actual golf balls on the range. The training aid ensures your arms stay connected to your body to train proper swing sequence. The Target Line Indicator ensures your shoulders are appropriately aligned to your intended target so you can groove your new swing with confidence.

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      Ahmed Salah
      My Rev

      My Rev Text

      Eric Shay
      Quality product

      The structure ball does exactly what it claims to do. If you struggle (at all) with maintaining good width, this product is for you. It's well built, and the service from WatsonGolf is outstanding. As and FYI, I've also owned the other product from another company ("ball on a string"). It's poorly built, falls apart easily, and their customer service is awful. Props to WatsonGolf!


      When you receive theses training aids, Go back to basics you emerge a much better player!! Watch the videos and play better golf!!

      Coach Mark

      I hardly ever write reviews but I feel like it was necessary when buying the Watson structure ball. Watson changed the industry a few years ago with their hanger product and made it easier for students to gain awareness of the club-face. This product is close but I feel like it can use a few upgrades. One thing I would suggest is making the overall product a little bigger in size. I am 144 lbs and when practicing with this I have a hard time keeping in between my forearms. One of the most underrated features of this product I believe is the little cross at the tip of the ball so you can check your alignment. One of the main reasons to purchase this product for me was the free lesson I would receive from THE GOLF ROOM EVERYWHERE, but ended up being a SCAM! I have waited over 30 days for someone to contact me after filling out the initial process and filming swings and JUST CRICKETS! No one has ever contacted me in regards to my free lesson so buyers beware!

      Hi Mark, we have contacted you via email but haven't heard back. The TGRE Team is ready to provide your free swing lesson whenever you are ready!

      Structure Ball

      Great and responsive customer service. The structure ball is a super training tool that helps keep my golf swing tuned and ready.