The HANGER featured in Golf Magazine, March 2019
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theHANGER is a cutting edge design that provides you with both visual and tactile instant feedback.  Whether you practice alone or with an instructor, this swing aid will accelerate the process of building the correct muscle memory for optimal face and path control.

U.S Patent: 9,126,090 B1



How It Works

Designed to easily attach to any driver, fairway wood, or iron.  theHANGER comes with a club face reference head to ensure it's set up correctly and give you visual feedback. You can now practice in your home, office, range, or on the course with confidence theHANGER puts you in the correct position.  theHanger is for all skill levels.


    1. Keeps the club head outside your hands.
    2. Ideal for training hands and club face control. 
    3. Promotes flat lead wrist at the top of your swing.
    4. Lead wrist flexion in transition.
    5. Fixes the over-the-top move, scooping, and prevents the dreaded slice
    6.  Dynamic shaft lean through impact.
    7. Promotes correct procedural memory.

    Sales Details:

    Customer agrees to take possession of the product upon completion of purchase and is responsible for any country, county, or state tax.


    How To Set Up

    Initial set up:

    1. Pick your iron of choice.
    2. Open up theHANGER box and Connect the two pieces found inside.
    3. Attach theHANGER to golf club. Before tightening, 
    4. Set theHANGER club face slightly open to the club face on ground, 
    5. Secure theHANGER into place by tightening both screws, it will automatically close slightly once secured. We always recommend you error to the side of slightly open.
    6. Note: theHANGER will remain in a fixed position on your club.


    1. Start slow with chip and half shots, 50-60% speed to get the correct feel of theHANGER on your club. 
    2. Once confident use theHANGER during full swing. 


    Use at own risk 

    How To Use

    How to use the Hanger