the HANGER User Guide

theHANGER swing aid is a cutting edge, patented design that provides you immediate visual and tactile feedback in your golf swing.  It attaches easily to any club, and comes with a club face reference head to ensure proper set up.

You can now practice and have the confidence your building the proper mechanics to have a swing that is repeatable and will not break down under pressure. 

U.S Patent: 9,126,090 B1


  1. Trains a perfect take away 
  2. Improves swing plane
  3. Gives instant feedback on club face
  4. Prefects your your position at the top
  5. Ensure perfect impact position
  6.  Improves body rotation 
  7. Create a repeatable swing that will not break down under pressure 

Sales Details:

Customer agrees to take possession of the product upon completion of purchase and is responsible for any country, county, or state tax.  


How To Set Up

Initial set up:

  1. We recommend you start with 7,8, or 9 iron. 
  2. Connect the club head with the green impact bar. 
  3. Set the club face of theHANGER parallel club face on ground, with neutral grip.  theHANGER can be adjusted based on personal preference. 
  4. Secure theHANGER into place by tightening both screws.
  5. Note: theHANGER will remain in a fixed position on your club.

Ready to Practice!

  1. Start slow with chip and pitch shots at 50-60% speed. 
  2. Once comfortable progress to half and three quarter shots at 60-70% speed.
  3. When confident move to full swing. 


Use at own risk 

How To Use

How to use the Hanger