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The HANGER Featured in GOLF MAGAZINE, March 2019!

The Hanger featured in Golf Magazine, March 2019!

The Hanger featured in Golf Magazine, March 2019!

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Alistair Davies, Advanced Fellow of the PGA. Aug 2019


Chris Ryan, Director of Coaching at HIT Golf Academy based at The Marriott Forest of Arden in Warwickshire, UK. Oct 2018


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- Golfer: Molli Mulhall, Posted by: Ryan Tripp, July 2018


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- Chris Ryan, Aug 2017


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How To Control Your Left Wrist: Hanger Drill
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theHANGER Training Aid Review
- Alex Fortey, May 2017 




Just felt I should share: I'm a 7 handicap that struggles for consistency with irons, especially long irons. I received my hanger 2 weeks ago and just started with simple 1/2 swings against air for a week. 20 to 30 times a day before I even took it onto a course. 2 range sessions and 1 round later and I am hitting everything just pure. Slower swing speed but much better distance and control. Thanks!!

Dr. Eric Koch
Buffalo NY, Nov 2018 


My name is Robert in Raleigh NC and purchased your product two months ago I cannot believe the improvement. After countless lessons and no real improvement this was my last resort. I almost quit the game until I received it. I am a 12 handicap and struggle to stay in the high 70's. I used to marvel how the LPGA tour players come to an L position and just hit it. Now with my irons I take a divot every time. I played through a foursome recently and hit a 192 yard four iron to within eight feet. Now I hit more greens than ever and occasionally in the flower bed over the green. Great product I will tell everyone I know.

Robert, Raleigh NC.
August 17, 2018



Okay, two thumbs way up for the Hanger. I used it today with two beginner ladies and two beginner juniors (who LOVED it), and what a difference. An immediate difference. I wish I had bought more for my classes!

Marvol Barnard, LPGA/PGA
2016 LPGA National Teacher of the Year
2017 PGA Southwest Section Player Development Award
2017 LPGA Top 50 Best Teachers
Golf Digest 50 Best Women Teachers



Hi Hanger Golf,
My name is Jess Carafiello. A student brought your Hanger to a lesson as he WAS a big slicer of the ball. What a tremendous difference your tool made. Love your idea and how it uses many learning styles. I want to implement it into my teaching. Do you happen to have a PGA member discount that I could apply in the cart?
Jessica Carafiello
Teaching Professional
Innis Arden Golf Club
Old Greenwich, CT
Shadow Wood Country Club
May 21, 2018 via email



By far the best golf training aid I have tried. Instant feedback and ease of use is impressive. I tend to flip, proven by a bruised right forearm after first use. I have been out 3 times and am starting to get a feel for how this changes your swing through impact. Definitely chaning the geometry of my swing and is straightening out my ball flight. Used to play to a 1, now a 6 handicap and excited to see how things progress. Definitely recommend to golfers of all levels.

Ron Mullins
January 15, 2018 via Facebook



The Hanger just came in the mail and it fixed my swing in 10 minutes and 7 of those minutes was setting it up. I will continue to use it to ensure I never lose my swing again but literally 3 minutes and I'm hitting the ball buttery smooth once again. I've spent a lot of money on instruction with different pros the last few months trying to fix things and all of them left me worse off than when started. All it took was 3 minutes with the hanger. People complain that this is expensive, they are crazy. With the results this produced I would have been happy paying $1000. It's not about the product, it is about the results it produces. Thank you so much.

Wendell T Goodrich
January 7, 2018



I feel the two most important components of the golf swing is grip and IMPACT. I love using the Hanger because my students learn the correct impact position quick and easy. I find the Hanger to be a great training aid for full swing and short game. I would recommend it to golfers of all skill levels.

Michael Dickson, Golf Digest Best Young Instructors 2016-17
PGA Head Teaching Professional, Congressional Country Club



Legit review of this product / #theHANGER is a game changer. I've NEVER used any swinging aids in my golf instruction until this. Not only has it assisted my swing but more importantly my clients that have used it have immediate improvements! I rely on my experience and knowledge to get my students playing great Golf, and with help of this product it makes the process faster! I'm a huge fan and wanted to let you all know. No gimmicks, ALL RESULTS!

Troy Grant, Golf Instructor, via Instagram



I ordered this about two weeks ago for my daughter who is a college Freshman golfer. In the fall and winter she has wanted to work harder or flattening out her swing and creating a flatter left wrist all the way through impact. In fact she has started working on this with her swing coach, Buddy Harston, at The Vanderbilt Legends Club. By the way, he too hit some shots with it and was impressed…this is a guy who has played in multiple major championships on senior tour and preparing to go through Q-school in a few weeks.

I was able to get the training aid to her today and she worked with it for about two hours today..amazing results! She spent about an hour doing nothing but hitting three quarter speed shots focusing on nothing but maintaining the angle through impact. She then hit some shots without the hanger…the “memory” it created in just an hour was awesome. She’s looking forward to working hard over the next four months!

Just thought you would like some feedback…

Matt Phillips



@watsongolf, your aid is a game changer. I've been struggling with the club path for a few weeks now and after 5 swingswith the hanger my path immediately went to consistently inside out on trackman. Moreover, I actually lowered my club speed but increased carry distance with higher smash factor. Thanks!

Taylor Nintzel, via Instagram


"theHANGER is an excellent training aid that improves the lead wrist position in the golf swing.  This will improve the impact position and help golfers gain more control of their ball flight.  It's lightweight and does not move around from swing to swing.  That's crucial for a training aid that attaches to the club!  I often use theHANGER in lessons and highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve."

Adam Kolloff
Director of Instruction
Liberty National Golf Course

Jim Mclean
Golf School


Hey Ted
Had to share this with you. I've been using the hanger for a few weeks now. Yesterday I shot a 2 under par gross score of 70 for 44 stableford points. Our course slope rating is 126. I've been cut from 5.7 to 4.7 and I am hitting the ball great! I'll continue to practice with the hanger and am looking forward to lowering my handicap even further. I'll be preaching this to my friends so you may get some more orders from over here. Thanks again! 

Frank Graham


 "If you want one golf swing teaching and training aid that works on all three major components of the golf swing, flat wrist at the top, left wrist lag and flexion at impact, and proper swing plane, you got have theHANGER in your bag or training air arsenal."

Andy Thuney
PGA  Certified Personal Coach
Past President, SCPGA Pro Emeritus
Hacienda Golf Club                                              


"90% of my students could use this swing aid, the benefits from theHANGER are endless."

Nick Bova
PGA Teaching Professional
Siwanoy Country Club
Bronxville, NY


"In the Golf swing there are two critical things to control: How you turn and how you use your wrists and arms.  The hands and arms are the utmost importance as they have a direct effect on where the clubface points and travels through impact; whether it be open or closed, more or less loft, right or left path.  Too many golfers sacrifice their turn my using their arms and wrists to move the club, causing wild variations and all too often the dreaded slice, heel strike and high weak shots.  theHANGER is the best aid I have found to train the proper wrist and forearm motions in the swing, allowing the body to take over the major movements of the club.  It will help the golfer achieve a desired amount of forward shaft lean at impact for a more solid rightwards launching shot.  It will also help to create the desired draw shot my training the golfer to maintain a flat or flexed left wrist through impact, keeping the face aligned with or just slightly left of path.  I've been waiting years for an easy to use and affordable aid like this to come along and its potential to help my clients improve is exciting."

Michael Blinco
PGA Apprentice
San Diego


"The best thing since sliced bread."

Collin Gilles 
Dana Point, CA 
Avid Golfer 
25 Handicap

"Great training aid.....gives you great feedback on where the clubhead needs to be."

Josh Oliver  
Tulare, CA
Avid Golfer
+2 Handicap

"I've never hit the ball longer and straighter using theHANGER.  I'd recommend it to golfers of all levels."

Colman Daniel
Santa Barbara, CA
Avid Golfer 
16 Handicap


I received my Hanger last week the day I traveled to Las Vegas. The next day I hit range balls with it before my round, and I instantly had immediate positive feedback. I tend to over swing, and my wrists are too active. The Hanger put my wrists in a position that had me hitting pure straight perfect trajectory balls. I am a 12.5 handicap, and my first thought was, "this is how it should feel to hit a golf ball efficiently." I had never had that sensation. As a quick learner, I was able to take the range session to the course for most of my shots, and the results were great. I look forward to honing in my swing with this training aid. the crazy thing is that my shots go farther now with less active wrists. It engages my larger muscles to generate Club head speed. Thanks for a wonderful product. Every instructor should own the Hanger!

Richard Farrington via Facebook on June 14, 2017


My name is CD Hockersmith and I’m a professional golfer. I have used the Hanger with my coach and love it. It not only helps with what we are trying to do in my golf swing, but it provides immediate feedback while being able to hit balls, well done! 

CD Hockersmith