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The Hanger featured in Golf Magazine, March 2019!

The Hanger featured in Golf Magazine, March 2019!

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Quality all around

I have been trying to correct a closed club face at the top of my swing for 2 months now. With minimal success. Today, in 90 minutes, I made more progress using the Hanger than I was able to accomplish during all of that time. "Feel isn't real". The Hanger will tell you at each step of the way where a correction is needed. It will still take (lots of) work. But.....for anyone who is serious about game/swing improvement, this device will absolutely help. In addition...the service from Mr. Watson and his company is outstanding.

Eric Shay
Quality product

The structure ball does exactly what it claims to do. If you struggle (at all) with maintaining good width, this product is for you. It's well built, and the service from WatsonGolf is outstanding. As and FYI, I've also owned the other product from another company ("ball on a string"). It's poorly built, falls apart easily, and their customer service is awful. Props to WatsonGolf!

Oakley Nick

I have many, golf training aids, but I've never had one that gave such immediate and positive feedback and results as the Hanger.

Exceptional customer service

Ted and crew at Watson Golf stand by their products and provide exceptional customer service. Thanks Ted for the personal and thoughtful service! I’ll update my review as I use the Hanger and the rest of the Golf Performance Package.

Beyond Belief

I bought a Hanger a few months ago and really enjoyed using it. So I was surprised when I found it today in pieces due to a lawnmower accident. So I took a chance and emailed the company seeing if I might get some help. Much to my surprise I got a message from Ted Watson owner of the company suggesting I give him a call. So I called Ted who was unbelievably gracious and generous and immediately offered to send me a new hanger. I really like the product but now I am super impressed with the way I was treated by Ted Watson. Great guy, great product!


When you receive theses training aids, Go back to basics you emerge a much better player!! Watch the videos and play better golf!!

Best Golf Training Aid

The Hanger is the best golf training aid that I have ever used. I purchased it over 2 years ago and was thrilled with the progress that I made. I continue to use it during practice sessions to maintain proper wrist position, a square club face and improved ball striking. The feedback is immediate. I have used it with my students to help them understand proper impact position with the full swing. It has also been extremely useful for chipping instruction. I highly recommend The Hanger for both students and instructors!

It clicked (literally)

I have an athletic swing, but have always struggled with launching my irons too high. I've recently been focusing on face control but have found it hard to figure out if my wrists have the correct flexion at impact.

I picked up the Hanger, attached it to a club, took a few swings at home, got the feel of keeping it pressed into my left wrist through impact. It felt fairly natural, and I honestly wasn't sure if it was something I wasn't already doing in my swing. Flash forward to the range: it was not something I was already doing in my swing. I took a few knock-down swings with the Hanger and immediately started striking the ball beautifully with lower, driven ball flights. I moved on to full swings, and I've never had a range session with more consistent compression, penetrating ball flights, and satisfying "clicks" at impact.

Value is well worth it to me; I'd gladly pay < $100 for anything that leads to such easy improvement and gives such good feedback.

Coach Mark

I hardly ever write reviews but I feel like it was necessary when buying the Watson structure ball. Watson changed the industry a few years ago with their hanger product and made it easier for students to gain awareness of the club-face. This product is close but I feel like it can use a few upgrades. One thing I would suggest is making the overall product a little bigger in size. I am 144 lbs and when practicing with this I have a hard time keeping in between my forearms. One of the most underrated features of this product I believe is the little cross at the tip of the ball so you can check your alignment. One of the main reasons to purchase this product for me was the free lesson I would receive from THE GOLF ROOM EVERYWHERE, but ended up being a SCAM! I have waited over 30 days for someone to contact me after filling out the initial process and filming swings and JUST CRICKETS! No one has ever contacted me in regards to my free lesson so buyers beware!

Hi Mark, we have contacted you via email but haven't heard back. The TGRE Team is ready to provide your free swing lesson whenever you are ready!

Simply The Best

I recently tried to purchase “The Hanger”. I have been a Golf Professional for quite a few years. I have been teaching for a few decades. I have, like most teaching professionals seen the an awful lot of trouble students have learning to pitch and chip. I watched a friend of mine demonstrate with “The Hanger”. I was impressed very quickly. So, I went online and ordered one. Unfortunately I had shipping issues with usps. I reached out to the company for help and got an immediate response. Seems that auto fill gave a old shipping address for me and used my current address as a billing address. Mr Watson said he completely understood the issue and told me he would fill the order anyway. Great service, customer satisfaction as well as product. I can’t wait till I get it. Thanks Watson Golf!

Helps with Face Control

Have struggled with blocks for years. Using the hanger has helped me create a stronger face angle in the downswing which allows me to rotate better through impact

Perfect trainer

Absolutely love the Hanger! Solved several issues with one training aid. Wrist conditions, backswing and pivot. This is a must have if you’re wanting to improve your game!

The Hanger

I purchased The Hanger just 2 weeks ago and it already has helped a lot. I spend roughly 30 minutes a day swinging with it and it has helped me play more consistent

The best training aid in golf.

I’ve been coaching golfers for over 30 years. I don’t believe there is any tool out there that positively affects the are structure more then the hanger. It’s helping every level of player ! Use it! You won’t be sorry!
Kregg Moyer PGA
@kamgolf Instagram

Highly Recommend

The Hanger is a great training tool for the hand/wrist/arm position I need at impact. I warm up before every round with this tool. As a low single digit handicapper, it’s been great to see how much my ball-striking has improved.

theHANGER - Right Handed Model
Christopher Newcomb
Awesome trainer and amazing customer support

This trainer is Amazing! It gives me that instant feel of getting the club head squared and delivered through the strike ! Instant feedback and feel on the range!!! I highly recommend! Plus, the owner gives his own customer support! Amazing. He was kind enough to send me a list screw !!! This company rocks. I use at beginning of my range session and I love it.

Nice towel. Groove scrubber patch, meh.

Nice towel. Groove scrubber patch, meh.

Great training aide!

I have struggled with getting consistent wrist flexion for years... this training aide gives great tactile feedback, which is an enormous help to finally groove that "feel" at impact. Really gets you better shaft lean and impact positions, and it will carry over to your 'regular' swing with practice! only slight hiccup is finding good training vids (I actually found one by Eric Cogorno on YouTube that was excellent). Excellent customer service too. thank you guys!

Excellent Training Tool

I am in the process of redeveloping my swing and have been struggling to get my hands in front of the club head at impact. The Hanger is the training tool that helps me achieve this and the feeling of it while practicing on the range. That feeling by the Hanger of keeping my hands in front then translates on to the golf course. The result, more consistent ball striking and flight for lower scoring. I am not one for gimmicky training tools especially in golf equipment, BUT the Hanger is definitely not that. The Hanger is 100% the training tool to improve your game. Their customer service goes above and beyond too.

Great product. Was highly recommended by friends and teacher. Super helpful to maintain correct wrist angles and to achieve compression.


I’m missing the screw at the top- looks a little beat up! How to I get my money back
- is there a phone number?

These guys are amazing - one phone and they solved my problem- I am blown away by there customer service!

5 Stars All Around

I purchased my Hanger a few months ago and it’s already made such an enormous impact on my swing. I was having trouble with wrist/club-face control and forward shaft lean, and this product does a wonderful job of addressing both by forcing you to create good habits/feelings. Also, the customer service has been truly incredible and I’m very appreciative of that. 10/10 experience all around. Highly recommend it!

Great Training Aid

Just got my Hanger Saturday afternoon. Practiced swinging with it at home yesterday. Played 9 holes today with some of the best ball striking I’ve ever had. Improved shape of shots and distance. Wish I had know about this item much sooner. Best money I’ve ever spent on a golf training aid.

Structure Ball

Great and responsive customer service. The structure ball is a super training tool that helps keep my golf swing tuned and ready.


Great product. Helps with wrist angles so you don’t cast early and hit thin shots. Also helps you get more compression with irons. Customer service was great. I lost one of the nuts and they ups a handful of them to me free
Of charge