Coat Hanger Golf Drill: Squaring the Club Face

All good golfers have on thing in common: club face control.

From a draw or fade, to a rope hook or banana slice—the orientation of the club face has an 80% impact on the direction of a golf shop. 

It's crucial to work on squaring the club face at address and maintaining proper face control throughout your swing to play consistent golf. 

For almost 100 years (no joke!), golf instructors have used a coat hanger as a training aid to help golfers understand where their club face is pointing throughout their swing, and to help them achieve the ideal impact position. 

A clothes hanger can definitely help golfers achieve some of the benefits we are sharing here, but it can be uncomfortable and difficult to keep in place. That's why we specifically and thoughtfully designed theHANGER golf training aid to optimize every aspect of this drill.

Here are just two of the biggest improvements theHANGER (or a coat hanger) will help golfers achieve:

Flat Lead Wrist 

Most amateur golfers struggle with a cupped lead wrist which is why so many bad golfers hit a big slice. A cupped wrist results in an across-the-line back swing position like the golfer on the left. The golfer on the right has a flat, or even slightly bowed wrist, which has his club pointing toward the left of his target—a position you'll see almost all TOUR players in during the weekend coverage. A flat lead read keeps the club face square which will set you up for success when you return the ball back to impact.

Ideal Impact Position

Even professionals can have a funky looking swing, but trust they are all damn similar at impact. The golfer on the left is demonstrating the most common flaw of amateur golfers which is called "flipping" or "casting". This is when golfers "throw" the club head at the ball in hopes of generating speed, when in actually it ads a ton of club face rotation and a massive loss of energy at impact.

The golfer on the right has maintained the perfectly square club face from his back swing. He has also maintained all the energy he collected in his back swing and is maximizing that energy transfer at the peak time of impact. This is why golf professionals look like they don't swing all that hard but hit it a country mile!

Try It

The clothes hanger drill has been a staple in golf because it's one of the few ways golfers can truly feel where the club face is pointing throughout their swing. Whether you're a beginner or a TOUR pro, it's an excellent tool to ensure you're either developing or maintaining the core fundamentals for club face control.

Try theHANGER with a 30-day money back guarantee to see the benefits yourself. It's guaranteed for life and proudly made in the USA.