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the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson
the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson
the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson
the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson
the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson
the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson
the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson
the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson
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$ 99.99

the HANGER - Right Handed Model + Free Swing Lesson


theHANGER is is Watson Golf’s flagship golf training aid. Made in the USA and created to help golfers of any ability dial in their swing. Its proprietary design reinforces proper swing mechanics with real-time tactile and visual feedback.

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Keeps Your Swing On Plane

theHANGER promotes instant structural changes in your body mechanics to encourage a tour-style golf swing. By grooving an on-plane swing, theHANGER helps golfers build a consistent, repeatable golf swing for more precise shotmaking. 

Optimal Clubface Control

Clubface orientation plays the most significant role when it comes to accuracy. theHANGER is the best golf training aid on the market to help golfers understand what a square clubface feels like throughout the swing. theHANGER also gives golfers physical cues if their clubface is open or closed at any point in the swing to prevent hooks and slices.

Promotes Ideal Impact Position

One of the most common swing flaws for amateur golfers is “flipping at the ball” at impact. theHANGER restricts golfers from flipping and encourages proper shaft lean at impact for crisper contact and maximum compression.


theHANGER is designed to easily attach to any iron or wedge in your bag, enabling you to build toward an optimal swing whether you’re in your home, office, range, or on the course. 


  1. Keeps the club on plane in the backswing and downswing.
  2. Trains proper clubface-to-swing-plane relationship. 
  3. Exposes major swing flaws like over-the-top, across-the-line, and flipping to big misses like slices, hooks, pushes, pulls, fat shots, and thin shots.
  4. Promotes flat lead wrist at the top of your swing.
  5. Encourages lead wrist flection in transition.
  6. Creates Dynamic shaft lean through impact.
  7. Grooves correct muscle memory.
  8. Attaches easily to most grip sizes (compatible regular, midsize, and midsize plus [theHANGER is not compatible with jumbo-sized grips])

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 121 reviews
    Helps with Face Control

    Have struggled with blocks for years. Using the hanger has helped me create a stronger face angle in the downswing which allows me to rotate better through impact

    The Hanger

    I purchased The Hanger just 2 weeks ago and it already has helped a lot. I spend roughly 30 minutes a day swinging with it and it has helped me play more consistent

    Kregg Moyer
    The best training aid in golf.

    I’ve been coaching golfers for over 30 years. I don’t believe there is any tool out there that positively affects the are structure more then the hanger. It’s helping every level of player ! Use it! You won’t be sorry!
    Kregg Moyer PGA
    @kamgolf Instagram

    Tony P
    Highly Recommend

    The Hanger is a great training tool for the hand/wrist/arm position I need at impact. I warm up before every round with this tool. As a low single digit handicapper, it’s been great to see how much my ball-striking has improved.

    Christopher Newcomb
    Awesome trainer and amazing customer support

    This trainer is Amazing! It gives me that instant feel of getting the club head squared and delivered through the strike ! Instant feedback and feel on the range!!! I highly recommend! Plus, the owner gives his own customer support! Amazing. He was kind enough to send me a list screw !!! This company rocks. I use at beginning of my range session and I love it.