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the HANGER - Right Handed Model
the HANGER - Right Handed Model
the HANGER - Right Handed Model
the HANGER - Right Handed Model
$ 69.99

the HANGER - Right Handed Model


theHANGER is widely used by golf professionals to help their students gain clubface awareness to eliminate a slice or hook. This patented training aid gives golfers instant feedback when the club opens or closes throughout the swing. By promoting a square clubface, theHANGER also accelerates a golfer's ability to shallow the downswing for a more repeatable, on-plane swing path for more consistent ball-striking. 

theHANGER's compact, user-friendly design allows golfers to easily add or remove the device on their actual golf clubs. From practice swings in your home or office to hitting actual golf balls on the range or course, theHANGER stores easily in most golf bags so it's readily available whenever you need it. We guarantee theHANGER will benefit all levels of golfers for as long as they can swing it — or your money back. 


    · Easily square the clubface
    · Groove an on-plane swing 
    · Develop a flat lead wrist 
    · Eliminate an over-the-top swing path
    · Prevent casting at impact
    · Shallow your downswing 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 82 reviews

          Really impressed with the customer service from Watson Golf!! One of owners called me immediately to help rectify a shipping issue that was not even their fault! I have a couple of avid golfer friends that have tried the Hanger and love it! Can't wait to try mine ASAP!!

          Fixed my slice right away

          I’ve had the hanger for about year and a half now. It’s an awesome tool has helped me get rid of my slice and since then have been hitting sweet draw shots with both my irons and driver. Also great tool for beginners in getting them in the right position swing. Just simply love the Hanger.


          Very Impressed

          I had seen these ads all over my instagram feed and always wanted to try it out. All I can say is I was not disappointed. I feel like I am compressing the golf ball much better now and this is really helping with my timing (something that I have struggled with for the last couple of years). I have a tendency to cast the golf club, my hands firing too soon, and I lose a ton of speed and power. I am back to hitting the distances that I feel are more appropriate for my size and age. Very happy with my purchase and I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends that are new to golf. Thanks Watson Golf!


          I was very skeptical when I ordered this. But for the price I was ok if it didn’t help me. I have never bought a training aid and I have been playing for 20+ years on and off. I have always struggled with a slice and fade. After using the hanger for a week I am striking the ball more solid and have been hitting draws which I thought I would never do. I have spent about $1400 in private lessons last year and this device gave me the results in a week!!


          These guys are great I had some issues with deliveries (usps messed up) and watson called me right away and Helped figure out how to make it right and fix it. Can’t wait to try out the product